2019 ya beautiful thing you.

I say this every year, but this was my best year yet. 42 wonderful couples (will be 43, as I’m shooting on NYE this year) put their trust in me to create pictures that they wouldn’t hate, capturing memories of their varied and beautiful celebrations of love. It’s only when I stop and look back through all these galleries that I can truly appreciate what I was witness to.

When editing, you have your business hat on, and try to get the photos perfected and back to the couples as soon as possible. But now, at this time of year, I’m just flicking through and enjoying them for what they are. I’m smiling at my screen whilst looking at cute little moments that I had almost forgotten.

As I was going, I grabbed just one photo from each wedding of 2019. They’re not necessarily the ‘best’ photo from that wedding, or even my ‘favourite’ photo from that wedding, but they’re just some nice photos of the couples that made me smile as I scrolled through my galleries. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them 🙂

Big thanks to all these wonderful people that had me along to create these memories on their days. You are all so damn wonderful ❤️