After a busy few weeks with lots of teasers shared on our Instagram accounts, this is our big news!

Welcome to The Hogans.

Courtney and myself (Jake) have always had this dream of working together, and now in the midst of a pandemic and crazy times we figured why not jump in the deep end and combine our businesses. The key factor for this was that in so many ways, we match (not just in our personal lives, but in our business lives too).

We both are passionate about what we get to do for work. We both truly give a sh*t about our couples’ experience and what they take away from their wedding day. We are both pretty nice humans, and trust each other to the end of the world! We both attract similar types of couples as well, so we know that collectively we can serve our couples with our signature flavour of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. If you’re a RuPaul fan, that last sentence will make a whole lot more sense…

We have been photographing weddings collectively for over 10 years in our separate wedding photography businesses, and now is the time to streamline our work so that we can make time for our daughter, who will be born in just a few short months (eep!!).


I think our favourite part of joining up and rebranding, was the design of our logo and the design of our website.

Let’s start with a closer look at our logo.

It’s super special to us, in its’ hidden beauty.

It’s actually a font made from the handwriting of Courtney’s late mum. It meant so much to us to have her as a part of this business and we know she’d be so proud of us. We feel so much of her love still, and this is our acknowledgement in her role in Courtney’s life.

It was created and designed by Courtney’s sister, April, which makes it even more meaningful. You can check out April’s work here:

And the website. Oh man this was fun to make!! We got to go through and relive all the fun times we have had over the years, to show off the wedding photos that felt most representative of what we enjoy about the job; that is, the fun, beautiful couples that relax and enjoy their day with minimal stress.

It’s the unspoken purpose of wedding websites – you show off that which you want to attract. For us, that was stress-free couples that planned a wedding that celebrated them in a genuine way, whatever that looked like to them. Our kind of people are those that realise a marriage is better than a wedding. Our kind of people are kind people. Our kind of people roll with the punches (weather, drunk uncles, etc). Our kind of people just want photos that’ll make them smile for decades to come.

If you’re our kind of people, get in touch here. We’d love to meet you.

With love,

Jake and Courtney

The Hogans.