Hi there! We are Jake and Courtney – The Hogans.

Well, almost… our wedding has been postponed because of COVID-19 so soon we’ll officially be the Hogans.

Courtney’s surname is Hoskin, so it’s not too far away from Hogan anyways… we digress! Let’s get back into it.

We love each other, our two dogs (Otis and Leo), Jake loves coffee and Courtney loves Ru Paul’s Drag Race. It’s a beautiful life we have together!

We met in 2018, bought a house together in 2019, got engaged in 2020, and are expecting our first baby girl in 2021.

We have been photographing weddings collectively for over 10 years in our separate wedding photography businesses and are now joining up to deliver our skills together under The Hogans brand. It always made sense for us to team up, and with a global pandemic we had the extra time to get the ball rolling, so here we are!

Jake loves surfing, watching his beloved Bucks play in the NBA, watching his beloved Cats play in the AFL and is passionate about men’s mental health. He also wants many more tattoos.

Courtney loves a soppy movie, everything about New Zealand, her family (her nephew gets special preference), and hates the fact that technology fails whenever she uses it. It’s amazing that her cameras are still working… Also, Courtney doesn’t love that Jake wants many more expensive tattoos.

That’s us! We can’t wait to learn some more about you.