It’s important for us all to do our part to stop the spread and get back to work. These are the ways in which I am being Covid-safe, and operating within the guidelines I’ve received from the DHHS and Business Victoria to perform my job.


1. Ensure physical distancing

All parties to remain 1.5 metres apart. Performing my job does not require me to be any closer to any parties than 1.5m.

2. Wear a face covering

The photographer will wear a face mask for the duration of their photography duties. This will include all travel. The photographer expects that all event attendees will wear a face mask where possible and practical.

3. Practise good hygiene

The photographer is responsible for Cleaning and sanitising all work areas/equipment as frequently as possible. I will carry hand sanitiser with me at all times and practice good hygiene.

4. Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell

The photographer will work with the Covid safe plan of specified wedding venues and record my contact details and attendance at venues. If I feel unwell before any event, I will not attend and I will attempt to replace myself with a suitable photographer that is feeling well and willing to follow the Covid-safe plan.

5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

Photography will be undertaken in outdoor public spaces where possible. Whilst in wedding venues, the photographer will practice social distancing to avoid interaction in enclosed spaces.

6. Collect contact details for all my couples.

In the event that I become unwell up to 14 days after the event, I will contact the couple and inform them that I am going for testing and awaiting results. I will advise them of results.