After countless weddings where neither myself nor any of the men at the groom’s accommodation knew how to pin a flower to the jacket, I decided to reach out to the lovely ladies of Judy Chirnside Flowers and write a super simple tutorial. Let’s do it.


Step 1. Placement.

Hold the boutonniere with your left hand on the left side of the jacket (groom’s left, not your left), on the lapel. This is the ideal placement. You don’t want the highest point of the flowers to extend¬†higher than the buttonhole on the lapel. It should also be on a slight angle, so that it is in-line with the shape of the jacket.


Step 2. Pin.

Whilst holding the flowers in place, fold over the lapel so you can easily see where you’re pinning, therefore avoiding accidentally stabbing your groom on his wedding day.

Pushing up from the bottom, you want to go through the jacket, through the stem/string, and back through the jacket, all in a 45-degree line.


Step 3. Pin again.

Your florist should have given you at least 2 pins, which are both essential to the stability of it all. Repeat Step 2 and chuck the second pin through.


Step 4. Admire. 

Admire your handywork. Make sure the groom knows just how amazingly talented his Best Man is.


And there you have it folks; the most simple tutorial to nailing this seemingly-difficult task! Be sure to share this post with those who need it.