I’ve decided to compile a comprehensive list of what I believe will prevent your wedding being ruined, both on the day and in the lead-up. As a Geelong wedding photographer, I see lots of beautiful celebrations, none of which have been ruined in my 6 years of shooting, as my couples have taught me what REALLY creates a fantastic celebration. I have learnt so much from my couples, for which I’m forever grateful.

With so much pressure on weddings to be ‘perfect’, I feel like this list will be both insightful and helpful for all those engaged couples out there. So, what are the six things you can do to avoid ruining your wedding? Read on…

  1. Maintain your perspective.
  2. Maintain your perspective.
  3. Maintain your perspective.
  4. Maintain your perspective.
  5. Maintain your perspective.
  6. Maintain your perspective.

Get it?

The ONLY thing that can negatively impact your wedding experience is your perspective of what happens. There’s always ups and downs in planning a wedding, particularly in these strange times, but a solid perspective will see you through even the biggest setbacks.

Your love doesn’t end, your love doesn’t get postponed, your love isn’t locked down, your love is still celebrated and important.

Grieve your lost plans, by all means. But it’s equally important to realise that your love will endure this, and there are so many options for how to proceed in a way that suits you two. Your perspective will make an otherwise sh*tty time, into a hurdle that you can climb over together. Perspective is the key to save yourself from ruining your experience. It has got my fiance Courtney and I through all of this, as we have had to postpone our own wedding twice.

You’ve got this 🙂