SO. Let’s talk coverage.

Most wedding photographers offer timed coverage of your wedding, generally falling into at least two categories. For us, those categories are Half Day and Full Day – 5 hours and 9 hours respectively.

If you’re new here, you can read through our Packages page which describes our packages and costs).

Some photographers offer unlimited coverage across the day, with no set maximum hours included. Whilst we understand that it works for those people, we find that it has the potential to mess with our ability to effectively manage our workload when shooting multiple weddings back-to-back. For instance, if shooting Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we don’t want to be mega tired on Sunday after shooting 12 hours Friday and 12 hours Saturday. For us, we enjoy the certainty of knowing how many hours we will be working so that we can ensure our couples receive our full efforts.

The Half Day Package

We’ve noticed a change in this post-c0vid wedding world. Whilst typically we would book 10%-ish of our weddings as Half Day package, it’s now more like 20%.

There’s a few reasons that we think could have caused this massive shift – the largest most likely being the tightening of wallets from a slight economic downturn (interest rate hikes are ZERO fun).

The other is that people are reconsidering what they want their celebrations to look like. We are seeing a trend of couples wanting either minimal or no coverage of the ‘getting ready’ stages, and more importance placed on the candid coverage of cocktail style receptions.

Our package is five hours, which is typically plenty for ceremony coverage, some portraits of the couple (sometimes completed before the ceremony) and then coverage of the first few hours of the reception. It is perfectly suited to more relaxed celebrations and couples that don’t want too much of the spotlight.

We predict that this package will be increasingly popular over the next 12 months and beyond.

The Full Day Package

The majority of our bookings do tend to be the nine hour, Full Day package. We love being there for the Full Day (not for the extra money!) as it allows us to tell more of the little stories that happen throughout the day. It also makes it easier for you to forget that we are even there, and this ‘fading into the background’ makes candid coverage that little bit easier.

Truth be told, it actually just feels really nice to be invited into all the different moments of a wedding day and be tasked with capturing the moments as they happen. We love the complete feel of a Full Day gallery as it flows from pyjamas and brekky mimosas, into the espresso-martini-fuelled dancemoves into the evening.

It also provides us with more time to observe and learn your family/friendship dynamics throughout the day. This helps us break down barriers and build in little in-jokes and banter throughout the day, which lets us capture things even more genuinely.

It’s an honour to know that people invest so much money and energy into us. That fact is never lost; it fuels us.



So which package should we book?

A lot of couples these days are booking in for the five hour package, and then reassessing throughout the process if they want to upgrade package.

This seems to work best because you then will only upgrade if you a) can afford it, and b) will really value the extra coverage for the reasons listed above.

If you know that you will treasure the moments captured all across the day, then it would make sense to book in for the Full Day.

If you aren’t sure, that’s totally ok! You can book in for the Half Day to secure the date for you, and then make the most of our expertise and ask us alllllll your questions. We’ve helped more than 300 couples prepare for their weddings, and we’d love to help you!


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