If you’re anything like me, and only wear a tie once every blue moon, then tying your tie in a mad rush before big occasions is a highly stressful and difficult task. So, with the help of the highly recommended folk at Eddy Elias (and our agency-represented model/salesperson/mate Chris), I present to you: A Simple Visual Guide to Tying A Tie For Your Wedding.

I highly suggest saving this link, and using it on your wedding day if you get stuck!

Step 1.

Do your top button up, pop your collar, and hang the tie around your neck. Make sure the thicker end of the tie is on your left side.

Step 2.

With your right hand, take the thicker end of the tie and cross it over to your right side, to create the ‘X’ shape shown above.

Pinch at the join with your left hand, leaving about a fist-sized space between your top button and the ‘pinch’.. Hold the thicker end of the tie in your right hand.

Step 3.

With the thicker end-point of the tie in your right hand, bring it under the tie, and pass it between the ‘left hand pinch’ and your top button (through that gap mentioned in Step 2.). Bring the tie over the top and hold it out in front of you again. This is basically the “loop-de-loop” part, for want of a better phrase…

Step 4.

Hold the tie as shown.

Step 5.

See the part in your right hand from the previous step? You need to bring that UNDER the shorter-hanging-bit (between your chest and the shorter-hanging-bit), and swap hands.

Your right-hand is now holding the shorter-hanging-bit at the pinch, and your left hand is now holding the longer part of the tie, as shown.

Step 6.

Using your left hand, bring the tie upwards in front of your face, and then downwards through that gap (between your top button and the ‘pinch’). Once it has gone through, the back of the tie should be facing outwards, as shown.

Step 7.

Swap hands. Grab the ‘pinch’ with your left hand for this step, and let the long part sit on your chest (behind that shorter-hanging-part).

Now, grab the longer-part with your right hand, and bring it over the top of the shorter-hanging part, and then upwards through that gap at your collar.

Step 8.

Keep holding that pinch! Now that the tie is facing the correct way, grab the point of it with your right hand, and point it through the ‘pinch’. The spot to push it through was created by the previous step. Just gotta poke it through and you’ll see how it all ties together (see what I did there?).

Step 9.

Pull the tie through that gap.

Step 10.

Hold the tie with your left hand and wiggle the ‘pinch’ part upwards til it’s snug.

Step 11.

Ideally the endpoint of the tie should sit just above your belt line. So just a tad longer than pictured (Chris had a million customers lining up behind me).

Step 12.

Fold your collar down, and BOOM! Now that’s a neat, professional tie. Dress to impress, lads.

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