The last 12 months have been an absolute whirlwind, to say the least!!

89 weddings & elopements, plus a whole bunch of family shoots, plus a whole bunch of corporate work. Plus a newborn… and you can see why we’re so exhausted! We got away for our first holiday last week, and we didn’t even know how much we needed the break.

Safe to say we have never been this busy before… and we don’t want to be this level of busy again!

It was the perfect storm of covid postponements combined with shorter lead times from new couples (date of enquiry to the date of wedding), meaning we had to cram a years worth of work into an already abnormally busy season. It was a massive load and as a result, Jake is still exhausted from all the work and Courtney is recovering from an increased workload as a parent.

Don’t get us wrong – we loved each and every wedding. We said to each other during the season that it felt like “weddings are on steroids at the moment”; meaning that everything just felt even more important and meaningful given the events that transpired over the pandemic.

Families truly cherished the opportunity to be together, friends partied like they did in their younger days, and we all were just so grateful for the love in our lives. It was truly incredible to witness and capture!!

It’s just now that we have finished all of the work, we are implementing better boundaries to ensure that we have a work-life balance for years to come. We probably won’t detail all of the boundaries, but essentially it’ll be better load management in peak periods via reduced amounts of couples. I’ll also mean better discipline in our working hours – Sundays for example will now be our family day, rather than emails/meetings/etc.

“Everything just felt even more important and meaningful given the events that transpired over the pandemic”

Now that winter is here, we’re catching up on family time and rest as a priority. We’re also busy doing all the ‘business’ tasks that we have had to push to the backburner – blog posts (hiiiii), streamlining backend systems, selling prints and albums, a lot of accounting work and getting back into some marketing work. Also planning and saving for our own wedding next year (yay!!!).

The sheer level of work required each week meant that we didn’t share many photos across our website or socials, as our priority was investing time and energy into our couples in the lead-up to their weddings and on the day. So here’s a dump of some beautiful moments from the last 12 months 🙂

Family photographs

Now that we have some more time, we are increasing our intake for family photoshoots! You can find out more here.

Courtney and Jake xx


Ash and Will finally got their day, after so many postponements and heartbreak. They’re having a party later this year and we can’t wait to hang with them again!

Matt and Beth getting smoochy. These two are my kinda people. Move to Geelong guys!!

Bridget in a bath. Haha!

Britt, Nick and bub 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics of your girl!

Christine & Jen, epitomising relaxed vibes! So much fun running around Rocklea Farm with them.

Em and Luke, cruising in their mate’s Mustang on the way back to their venue. We’d just finished sunset photos, and they got this time themselves to cruise in the last light of the day. Epic.

Frank and Stevo kickin’ things OFF at their reception.

“There’s an ice cream truck over there, want to hit it up for a snack?”

Jessie and Rob went mountain biking together before their ceremony!! DO IT YOUR WAY. Yewwwww.

Aaaaand then they swam in a waterfall. Fuck yes.



Seeing these make me miss summer days!



“Just wrap your arms around her however you like” Hahaha


Coupla cool cats in a bowling alley. Good lord I could share every damn photo from this day and it wouldn’t be enough.

Rainy shots are always some of my fave!

Jarryd’s dad embracing his son. This day was full of beautiful connection and emotion, and this moment makes me just want to give my own dad a cuddle.


Nick’s suit is goals. As are Rita’s shoes!!

A candid moment of these two just looking out and soaking up the view in between a conversation with the people on the right of frame.

Bring family together again 🙂



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